Conditions Apply

Conditions Apply are a fashion company based in Shoreditch, London. With a factory based in Delhi the brand has an ethnic spirit, using an array of vibrant colour and prints. Ethics are at the forefront of the brands identity, with no mass production in sight! In fact the majority of the techniques used are still done by hand, evoking a real sense of craftsmanship. It also helps to generate sustained employment within the area. They use ISO free dye and mix their own colours to create a multitude of shades from vivid blues to crimson reds. Another reason to love this artisan, luxury fashion collection.
They offer fabulous Boho tunics tops, trousers and dresses that are very different to our other brands. They aim at designing clothes that are beautifully crafted, but fun; 'Fashion takes itself far too seriously' is one of their main mantras.

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