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KARMAMIA Copenhagen is a Danish boutique brand with a love for prints, colours and a perfect fit. The founder and creative director, Mia Louise Jellig-Nielsen, lives in Dubai where all Karmamia garments are made locally by their own tailors. This allows them to make new styles within weeks ensuring styles keep up-to-date with the latest trends.

The brand is firmly rooted in Scandinavian minimalism with a hint of the Middle East. By being involved in the daily production Mia is able to monitor and guarantee proper production conditions in a way no other brand can. Her aim is to dress women in amazing clothes with special attention to fit and fabulous prints. By creating stylish shapes, her clothes can be worn again and again like a true classic. 

Most of their fabrics are made from high quality artificial satin that doesn't crease and can be machine washed. The production of the fabric is very eco friendly; it requires much less water than cotton, silk and viscose fibers. The CO2 footprint is only about 12% of these other fabrics!

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